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Just installed a new SD3 in a club. Great board ! Two questions : If you are running a shape chase on intel. lights, is there anyway to have the audio or beat function control the rate or advance the steps of the chase ? Secondly, if you are in show mode and have it set to automatically advance scenes, and you manually "grab" an intel. fixture and use the joystick to position the beam, as soon as the next scene is called the fixture you have "grabbed" goes back to the programmed position......any way around this ?
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Hi Lightdude,

Q1. yes.. if you record your own chase using the Complex channels option, you can then use the audio button to step chase to beat.
You also have an Audio in RCA that allows the chase to move to Audio in.

Q2. If a show is automatically stepping from Scene to scene, and you grab a fixture, then your fixture will move into the position of the next scene the show activates.
In order to avoid this you will need to use the Stop button to stop the show, then you grab any fixture and move it to any position you wish. You can then save the scene as a new scene, and you should then be able to resume the show.
Thanks for the response. I'll look into the complex chase further. As for the second part, it looks like the answer is no. I realize a board such as this can be used in many applications and it's not possible to make it do everything....however you may wish to think about this for future software revisions. Two examples of where this would be useful : A live band has an unexpected artist "sit-in" for a song or two, you still want to run your pre-programed show, yet you want to grab one fixture and move it to highlight the new performer and stay in position until you release it. Second situation is when used for dancefloor lighting in a club: Let's say a hot girl gets up on a dance platform and you wish to grab a fixture, focus it on her and change the color and hold it there for a minute or two, without stopping the show or changing what any of the other fixtures are doing.

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