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Hello All
I am having trouble with one of my wireless dmx receivers. It wont do anything. The LED stays red no matter how many times or how long I push the function button. I have tried power on/off, unplug power for a while, even holding the button while turning power on. Nothing works. I have two receivers and one transmitter and the other connection works fine. This has worked before but I came in today and it wasn't working.

Any ideas to fix it?
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Hey joey, Im going to look into your problem but I couldn't help but realize that you work at JPAC. My brother goes to OBU and will graduate in May. I love that theater and I want to get in there and see what you guys have going on in there. I've been to numerous Tiger Tunes and some Festivals of Christmas. Great thing you have going down there. Ill try to have an answer for you tonight hopefully!

Ok, I'm assuming you are using the Elation W-DMX products (since your posting in the Elation forums!) The manual is kinda confusing but I think I may have worked it out. Here is the excerpt from the manual that I read and this is where I came up with this fix. Tell me if you have already tried it:


3. Setup the wireless system:
1) Connect the transmitter with the DMX controller
2) To make the fixture installed with wireless receiver log in to the transmitter
a) Initially, the indicator on the receiver fixture should be in Solid red
b) Press and hold the configuration button on transmitter for less than 3 seconds the red/green LEDs on the transmitter and the receiver fixture will flash rapidly for about 5~ 10 seconds while the system goes through its setup procedure.
c) Once the receiver is logged in to the transmitter ( T1), the receiver will keep the memory, even if restart the power, this unit will log in the transmitter(T1) automatically.
3) Use the DMX 512 to control the fixture

So what this tells me (very vaguely) is that to fix it, you may need to do something to your transmitter. Since your receiver is showing solid red, that should mean it is "free" According to the manual, you should press and hold the function button on the transmitter for less than 3 seconds (until the LED flashes red/green.) Then go and check to see if the receiver is flashing red/green as well. This should log the receiver to the transmitter and it should work fine. I know the manual says that after you do this once it should stay in memory and you won't have to do it again, but things happen.

So try that and tell me what you get. I hope this helps!!!

I had an issue with the our Elation WDMX . We was doing a tent job and had 4 receivers in the air . We had issues getting all receivers to work . It intermittent and random . Sometimes it
worked then it would not . We ended up running DMX cable .
Back at the shop we determined the problem was specific to the Leprecon LP624 we had used . The WDMX worked fine with 2 NSI , 2 Lightronics , and 2 ETC boards . I love wireless !

I found some interference with HME wireless itercom on a Cigna gig . It put random (2-5 per minute) clicks or pops in the headsets we were all using . The WDMX ran our lights just fine though . We've had no problems with ClearCom wireless .

I also found interference with a wireless video feed from a remote camera at a university event . After I was up and running the video feed was turned on and had static bars on their wireless feed . They ended up not using it . After the show I went to their monitor while my guy shut down our transmitter and their screen cleared up instantly . We tried turning our tranmitter back on and it wouldn't sync until we shut down the wireless video feed .

At the Mohegan Sun Casino we were told we couldn't use WDMX as it interferes with their cash registers . We asked how their registers were running and they said fine . We then told them our Elation WDMX had been on for more than an hour . They wanted to know all about it .

Anybody know if the upcoming auction of airway frequencies will affect us ?

Maybe SerraAva will chime in on all this .
I love the idea of wireless DMX, but it just seems like it has the potential to be too unstable and potentially unusable in many situations. I mean, after all, we are dealing with a communications protocol that can be easily screwed up with a regular XLR cable; I can only imagine what a little bit of mild open-air interference can do.

I mean, if I invested the money into the wireless gear, I'd like to use it just about every time, and not face the constant worry of asking myself, "I wonder if the wireless is going to work?".

What frequency spectrum does wireless DMX operate in?
Hi guys,

The WDMX uses 2.45Ghz which has nothing to do with any upcomming auctions.. The Auctions are for frequencies not yet being used.. so this leaves the 2.45Ghz free.

Elation decided to partner up with wireless solutions.. Wireless solutions is a swedish bases company that has the WDMX trademark and have been perfecting the WDMX for over 20 years. So although the WDMX is new to Elation, it has already been industry tested for 20+ years.

For Licklider, I found that if you turn on the transmitter before the recievers, the recievers stay locked on solide red. but if you turn the transmitter back off, then on again, the reciever picks up. no need to push any more buttons. It's just that if the reciever acts funny, people tend to push the reciever button instead of just restarting the transmitter.

Here is a review of WDMX.

Wireless Solution Sweden AB honored the recipients of the WDMX Visionary Awards in a ceremony and party held during LDI 2007 in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, November 17 at the Wireless Solution booth.

The WDMX Visionary Award is a special recognition of individuals in the professional lighting industry who were early adopters of WDMX and had an immediate vision about how it could be applied to great advantage in their respective production environments.

Valy Tremblay of Proluxon and Josh Thatcher with the Local 728 in Hollywood were this year’s winners.

Tremblay used WDMX in Cirque du Soleil's Delirium and most
recently for a Chantal Chamandy concert in Cairo with the Cairo Symphony
orchestra at The Pyramids of

Of his experience with W-DMX during Delirium, Tremblay says, “WDMX is my big
discovery of the year! I just don¹t want to use cable anymore. It was so
easy to set up and we never had any trouble with them.”

Thatcher was the first to use WDMX in
a major feature films Spiderman 3, Mission Impossible III, Transformers, and Iron Man.

Thatcher is a rising star and extremely tech savvy, pushing networking and
wireless technology into the lighting control of the films made by the major

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