So I got my Show Designer today and it's filtering clock events beautifully. My issue now is that I cannot seem to change banks with these MIDI notes. It will changes scenes within a bank, but if I run from bank 3 (C2 key on my keyboard) to bank 7 (c7 on my keyboard), it won't make the change.

Is there some "mode" I need to be in here? The manual wasn't much help.
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I read that part but based on the notes I'm trying to hit, I didn't think I'd need to access different MIDI channels. I just want to use notes 36-96. Those should be accessible on MIDI channel 1 by itself right?

It acknowledges the whole range of these notes being pressed, it just will only respond within the bank I manually select on the Show Designer.

I would hope I could move from bank to bank with note on messages (at least within that 61 note range).

My software version appears to be 3.19 M5

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