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I just purchased the Compu Cue Basic. Are the capabilities of the 3D visualizer quite limited compared to the Magic 3D Easy View?

Upon first use, one thing is that when I change the color of my Chauvet Intimidator Spot 250's in Compu Live, the color doesn't change on the 3D Easy View. Should it? Is this more a problem with my fixture profile?

What other limitations will I run into? I'm expecting to be using the 3D View feature quite a bit on the road, so I'm trying to determine if I should send back the Compu Cue Basic and get the Compu Cue (Standard) dongle instead

Thank you for the help!
The only 3D limitation between the compu cue interfaces and the show SD interfaces is the ability to record the 3D visualizer to a .avi movie file and print out a patch of your set up and grid of the fixtures locations in the 3D. I believe the problem you mentioned is most likely a profile issue. there is no difference between the 3D in the program and the magic 3d Easy view program they are the same. Hope this helps.
So, if I can record an AVI right from the 3D Visualizer using Compu Show... That would have saved me a gob of time making a new animatic.

FRAPS gave me hell last time I used it with MyDMX, as it appears FRAPS is kinda wonky with Win 7 64-bit, and well, Snagit, well, I have other issues with that.

I love my SD+ interface. That coupled with Compu Show, that's been my killer combination. My next objective is to learn Compu Live!

The 3D Visualizer for me has been a life-saver. I can't visualize on my own, so I need this to be a sanity checker, and trust me, it works fantastic. I had to redo my big show that I created in MyDMX and start from zilch with Compu Show. Since there's video that goes with the show(that I also am in charge of editing), I was able to use that as a timeline to keep things in check. Couple that with the fact that ANOTHER machine was going to run the master video and send me timecode... wow, it kicked ass hard and brought the show to the next level UP, and it was already UP there.

I'd say "go big or go home". The SD+ rocks, it has no limitations. Yeah, MyDMX kicks serious butt and is an awesome program. Even though I'm a sound production company(primarily, but I do own a lot of lights), the cost of the SD+ interface was HIGH until I saw what it can offer me coupled Compu Show. After that, it became real obvious that once again, despite the higher price tag, was WELL worth the money, and in fact was a steal.

Upgrade your interface. if you're on the road, you never know what you're gonna need. It's better to have features you don't use available to be used, rather than needing something and not having it.

Oh, and in case you haven't figured it out, I'm lovin' that SD+ with Compu Show!
Well, answer this one:

I have the SD+ interface, so I got the "big boy" with all the bells and whistles. I am also using Compu Show. I do all my design using the 3D Visualizer to help me out as much as possible. Am I really missing out on anything for the most part if I don't plug in my SD+ interface when I'm doing my work?

Personally, since I don't know where I'm going with lighting these days, other than the fact that it appears I'm gonna buy a ton more lighting and lighting will continue to be more important in my business, I think someone going out on the road should think "top of the line" to ensure a full set of tools and options. It's better to have something and not need it than to NEED it and not have it. I just like having my options open.

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