For profile requests, please email me a link to the user manual of the fixture you are requesting along with which program you are requesting it for. (CompuShow, CompuLive or Emulation)

Email Requests to:

Please Note: Unless otherwise already worked out ahead of time with me, profile requests during the weekend will be handled on Monday morning.
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To whom it may concern,

Jeffrey (or James) are no longer employed with Elation Lighting. Please send all MY DMX profile requests (or software support) to For all other profile requests (or software support) including COMPU SHOW, COMPU LIVE, EMULATION, ART-1024, and SHOW DESIGNER series to and a customer support agent will reply as soon as possible. Please include the DMX Traits and the channel mode you would like to run your fixture in. We apologize for the inconvenience.

depending on the profile size (how many channels) profiles usually take about a day or so.
el pive dj,

you need the profiles? or do you need help patching them into the software?

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