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Ok, I've learned basic DMX programming with a DMX operator. But I find it very difficult to try to run a live show with a band using this console.

Here's what I want. After the scenes are set, is there a console that can repurpose the faders to be used as dimmers for the preset scenes? In other words, if scene 1 is an all red wash, I want fader 1 be a dimmer for this scene. So if scene 2 is blue wash, controlled by fader 2. Now I can manually crossfade between them, or add together as I want.

It's a simple concept mimicking, the old school analog dimmer consoles.

I think the Show Designer boards can do this, at least that's what the video on the product page implies, but I can't find any mention of it in the online manual. Can anyone confirm this? If so, I'll buy one tomorrow!

thanks for any input.
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Ok, so call me an idiot, but I do not want to to use the faders to control external dimmer packs. I want to directly fade a static scene.

LM try to be perfectly clear.

I select all my back line Thinline Pars. I make them all Red by turning up Slider 1. I save this as scene 1.

Now, on playback, can I now select scene 1 and smoothly face it in and out with fader one? (If reassigned to control scene 1)

Does this make sense?

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