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My units are 6 channels like the manual says. 1= red 2= green 3= blue 4= FX 5= strobe 6= dimmer .I have had them on an Avolites Pearl, a strand 550, a Elation Magic 260 , a dove systems IQ512 and a Baxter systems pocket console. I love the light and am using them on a bunch of shows but as far as the internal programs go they are not performing in a manor that is suitable of a professional quality unit. Is it possible to upgrade the chip to function in seven channel mode? I also have 6 of the design 60 LED strips ant the programs in this unit work very well.
I have the same problems as well with a few Design LED 36s I just ordered. Great lights, but the standalone programs have strobing in them as well as the internal programs via DMX.

Also, according to one of the paper manuals I have in front of me right now, there are two DMX modes. The first is 6 channel mode: R, G, B, Programs, Strobe, Dimmer. The second mode is 3 channel mode: R, G, B.
That just explains channel issues, not the strobing with internal programs and stand alone. The revision of the manual is from 12/06, and the 7 channel list is from 5/07, so the manual has yet to be updated for 7 channels or 6 channel lights are still being made/sold. What I stated is merely what was in black and white in front of me and what was sent with the product. It is also quite possible that PU lighting has an older, 6 channel version of the light and not the 7 channel. I know that when I use mine, they respond with 6 channels, not 7. I don't know how old the lights physically are, but Channel 1-3 is RGB respectively, 4 is internal programs, 5 is strobe, and 6 is dimmer. So when patched one to one, channel 7 brings up red on the second light without effecting the first.
ok actualy i was talking with elation today and it looks like there is an error of some kind there in FACT is no 7 ch. configuration for this unit. i apologize. i figured since there was an offical trait cut sheet then it had to be true. i don't work directly in l.a. with the rest of the guys im out in WI. and sometimes get out of the loop on things and i haven't had the chance to really demo the DLED 36's. i apologize for any confusion due in my part. elation will be taking the 7ch trait sheet down soon. once again sorry. peace! jingles.
elatin pro and a bunch of the other people from elation and american dj are now in orlando for this week's LDI. so you may or may not get a response from him sometime this week. also it never hurts to shoot a call to our service department and there is a toll free number. give them a call see if they have a Dled they can use while your talking to them and see if they see the problem too. best regards. jingles.
John and Ron ,
Thank you for your help on this problem. I am excited to hear that this might have a simple solution. I know that it is hard to please everyone with pre program effects but I feel strongly that this was a design flaw, and not just my picky personality trying to have my cake and eat it to. Given the time I would often write my own effects but when it comes to the people I am renting these units to just having them change colors without the strobing would make life allot easer. We had demos of many manufactures of LEDs over a 3 month period and compared brightness, color, and ease of use and for the price point the elation design 36 beat all. They have quickly become the work horse for many of our events, but would be even more useful if you could plug them in and walk away. I think the unit is great and I am just trying to contribute to a better product in the end, and at the same time protect my large investment into a up and coming lighting manufacturer

I noticed this in the internal programs as well a when we were first selling them, but didn't pay much attention to it.
However you mentioned setting them and walking away..
I have used them in stand alone, color scrolling settings in the past.. without a controller, and did not get the strobing flash.
Let me see if I can find that setting for you so you can set them and walk away.
I guess that is what i was waiting for it is a shame that 7 of the 8 programs are bad and that is that. I will be ordering the next twenty units sometime this week only i will be going with the Colorado1 from chauvet. I have ten of this units and the feature sets and service are way better and the price is $100+ better then the design 36. I am also starting to have problems with my design 60 units and will be shoping for another brand to complete my need for 15 more units.
Hi PU.. Believe me, I am also glad our R&D department jumped on it. I just wished they would have told me, instead of telling me they couldn't.

We will have lens kits for them as well, but it looks like a 15 and 45 degree kit.

I know they are working on an 8 or 12 degree lens kit, but nothing yet.

FYI.. Price on the DLED 36 went down a few dollars so you'll be able to get a better price, and we are introducing the DLED 108IP, which is a DLED 36 with K2 Leds, and IP65 rated.

Send me an e-mail for the 20 chips you need to and i'll work on getting those chips to you.

Best regards,
Yea, going in two diff. churches. (order will be for Magnolia Music Center - Gulfport, MS) We are new so I'm sure we have to pay for it all up front a few times before we get "terms".
8 DLED 36, 2 DLED MH, and 2 Design Spot 250 fixtures go to one church.
10 DLED 36, and 2 Design Spot 250 fixtures go to another church.
Both will go Compu Live for control. (and yes, James has laid out one 3D for me and might be working on the 2nd one soon)
Plan on having both installed and trained by Easter.
We've taken a deposit on the 2nd one as of yesterday.
(but today was our day to get tax info on all three of our stores to the accountant - so might be later in the week before we get the order placed)

The first church has been shopping online and claims he is getting the Elation lighting below MAP on every fixture. SO Friday I meet with him to convince him to pay a bit more by going thru me. (added service from going thru our retail store as opposed to mail order)
wish me luck
Originally posted by Elation_Pro:
Rain, That's good to hear.. All is good in stock.
But I haven't seen the order come in yet, so i'll keep a look out for it.

What will you be using them for?

Hey John

Seems this being our first order, Elation wants a Money Order. So Tony plans on hitting the bank on Monday and getting that mailed off. Alas, these lights need to be installed the week of the 24th. (10 DLED36, 2 Dspot250)
Not a large order - sure you have those in stock and ready to ship.
Originally posted by Elation_Pro:
Yes, we have plenty for your install. post some pics when you get a chance!

Best regards,

Quick question - Were yall off work today? Tony called a few times this morning to place the order and pay for it by credit card. Our message was left but no one returned the call.
(banks were closed so could not get the required money order- sigh)

I've GOT to have these lights for next week - EEEEK!
Originally posted by Elation_Pro:
Hi Rain,

I let Jeff Mathis your sales rep know to call Tony in the morning. This should speed things up.

Best regards,


Thanks man!

We overnighted the money order and will just keep our fingers crossed that these lights will arrive while the lifts are in the church.

I'll also be placing an order for another pair of Design250 and 10 more DLED 36 fixtures within a day or two.(FYI)

And next week we will be ordering some AMdj LED pars and a DMX controller (the one that looks like a typewriter with scroll wheels on it).

Thanks again for your help
I despise the Magic 260. Its a pain to program on, and when you want to edit a scene, you have to rerecord it, wiping out the name which took forever to enter in the first place. An SD3 can also run many scenes or shows at once, Magic is only one at a time. Makes it very annoying when using things like movers, LEDs, and conventionals at the same time. Everything effects everything else. Its great for things like LED only or mover only shows, but any more then that and its a pain. The other huge issue I have with it is the fade time and hold time faders scale differently, so you have to watch the numbers on the screen to set custom chase times. I would advise going for the SD1 for a few bucks more over the Magic.

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