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I am getting error 05, 06 & 07.

Also during the channel test, nothing happens for channels 7 (gobo retation), channel 15 (scan speed) and channel 16 (Auto Program).

For Channel 2 (pan high resolution) it only moves about 2 degrees and then resets and repeats. Same with Channel 4 (Tilt high resolution).

What could be causing these error?

IS it something I can fix myself?

I have two other units I could borrow parts from to try and fix.

Thanks for your help!
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In the Design Series, the error codes are reflecting of the DMX Channel. So, with that, your 5,6,7 are your Color Wheel, Gobo Wheel, and Gobo Rotation (in that order) Best bet is to open up the covers on the head and check the color wheel and gobo wheel are not catching on eachother or to something else causing them to stick.... if a gobo came out, for example, and caught the color wheel...not letting each of them to will cause these errors... when these errors happen, it causes all of the rest of what you are seeing in the fixture. My experience tells me that those wheels are binding somewhere and are not setting durring start up of the fixture. check that out, if you can spin them at the same time with them not touching, then give service a call 323.213.4593

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