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I am looking at purchasing 4 of these from a close friend. He says that on one of them the LED display is not working, and they have not troubleshooted it. I see that these have a feature where the LED display is turned off, if that feature is activated is the display off even when you first power up the device? Thanks for any help on this, if is not the menu, is there a fuse or anything like that, or would this be a send in to have repaired kind of thing.

The light still works fine, everything functions as it should.
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When the fixture first powers up, the screen should still come on. Its is after about 30s of non use that the screen powers down. Also, as soon as you hit a button on the fixture, the screen should come on again.

The screen itself doesn't have a fuse that I am aware of. I am also not sure if you can purchase just the screen and install yourself or have to send it in. That would be a question for service. I would recommend calling them about it. They might have another suggestion as well to get it working, might be something simple like a loose connection.
Hi Jerome, does the unit go through its reset when first powered up? if not then most likely one of the fuses on the main board has blown.
if you remove the metal plate (on the display side) you will see the 2 or 3 fuses on the main board (make sure unit is unplugged) check those
first. if not give support a call at 323-213-4593. thank you

Gines Gines
Elation service manager

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