I have an FC400 foot controller 2 dmx4b's and 8 par 56 cans..
I am trying to figure out how to set the dip switches on the dmx4b's.
I have been running the system set at 0, but want to know what the correct settings should be.
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Ok, finally got a chance to try the dip switch setting of "1" on for dimmer pack #1 and dip switch setting "1 & 3" for dimmer pack #2.
Nothing comes on the rack of lights for dimmer pack #2. If I set the dip switch to "1" then all of the 4 lights on dimmer pack 2 will light up. I tried other combinations and the only one I got any results from was if I turn on dip switch "1 & 2" for dimmer pack #2, but I only get 2 lights that light up. FYI the dimmer pack #1 has the dip switch "1" on.
Any other ideas?

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