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Hello. I'm new to all this DMX programming so please have patience. I've read every piece if online data available on the subject, and called Elation/American DJ several times, but can't find a solution.

I've programmed fixtures plus various chase and light scenes into the Oprator Pro, and according to everything, should be able to trigger these in Cubase by simply programming in appropriate midi notes on a midi track....however...i just can't get them to communicate. Cubase is definitely sending midi notes because my keyboard plays them, but DMX controller doesn't recognize them.

Can anybody tell me what i'm doing wrong?
1. Does the operator pro require more than just the midi notes... like CC's or note on/off commands?
2. Do the midi notes have to be a certain length or velocity?
3. According to Operator Pro manual, i simply have to count up the piano scale to find the corresponding note number to trigger with midi. Is this correct???

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I don't have the DMX Op Pro, but I have the DMX Operator and they have many similarities.

Starting at MIDI NOTE 0 is Bank 1, Scene 1

Map out your scenes/banks to regular note numbers and you're good.

So, Bank 1 has 8 scenes, right? That's scenes 1-8.
Bank 2 also has 8 scenes, but that's 9-16
So on and so forth. You can only address the first 128 scenes due to restrictions in MIDI addressing.

You can move notes in Cubase. That's what I'd do.
Hi Chris. Thank you for your help. Still a little confused. This chart is what i have to apparently go by to program the midi.

1. When you say Bank 1 does that mean Fixture Page 1 in the midi trigger chart?
2. there is no mention of midi notes 0-22 and 89-127 in this chart so i assume they have no meaning with this unit??
3. Would you have to use any CC's or anything other than simply placing an appropriate midi note onto a midi track in Cubase?

Thanks again,

Sorry, my internet is slow as, well something so slow it died, and it's slower than that today.

1: By bank, I mean scene bank. But I have the DMX Op, not the pro.

2: Checking the manual,which is taking forever to load. Not your issue.

3: It only works on note ON information only. All other data will be ignored.

Let's see... no values for 0-22....
23-34 brings up fixture pages. Not sure what that means.


Notes 51-58 trigger moving like scenes 1-8.
59-66 triggers your 8 programmed mover chases.
With par scenes, it would appear you can overlap movers and par scenes.

Well, basically, it seems you need to program your scenes first. Once your scenes are programmed, then you have something to see being triggered. You may want to have a fixture set up to ensure you're seeing results.

As far as notes not accounted for, you're right, they mean nothing to this unit.
I hate to follow up on my posts:

Check your MIDI channels as well. Just because it works on your keyboard, that means the keyboard works, but how is the keyboard connected? USB or via a MIDI interface? Also check your routing of your channel to the appropriate MIDI bank as applicable. ALWAYS check your cable. Build a MIDI tester(LED across the leads) and a MIDI coupler, or get a tester that can do MIDI cables. Good tools to have around.

Best of luck!
Mute all unnecessary MIDI channels and tracks.

What MIDI interface are you using? Take your cable and hard loop it(in to out) and ensure you're not listening to MIDI input from the interface. Using MIDIOX, "sniff" the interface to see what's coming in. If you see anything, then it's working.

Sorry, gotta do more extensive troubleshooting to really nail it down. I also suggest double checking the MIDI channels just in case, as well as your note values. Just do a run of keys like one every 2 seconds(or slower) in the correct ranges.

I'm also wondering if the setting of the speed and fade faders might have anything to do with this. HIGH fade values means long time between the transition of one scene to another, so move that fader DOWN. SPEED is often used for switching between steps in a chase and can most likely be ignored. The fade slider is one that might be nailing you.
When you say double check the midi channels...on the Elation i go into the set-up page, scroll down to #5 Midi CH and it says Midi CH 01. The one midi track out from Cubase is channel 1. Is that all there is to do?

I did a run of keys on the midi track from Cubase and nothing registers in the DMX.

As far as i know, we programmed the chase scenes according to the tempo of each song. I'll check into the fader settings and get back. Thanks for all your help Chris.
If you're programming lights to music, I strongly suggest you move to CompuShow. You can use MTC and trigger your lights perfect each and every single time, synced to your playback tracks. You'll need a loop a MIDI port, but that's OK. I forget what you're using, something from Focusrite, correct?

You also need to do some testing using MIDIOX just as another sanity check.
CompuShow is PC_based software.

MTC: MIDI Time Code.

Looping a MIDI port: Typically taking a MIDI OUT from out MIDI port on an MIDI interface bank, to a different MIDI IN port on a different bank on a MIDI interface. But it can be as simple as connecting any OUT to an IN. This is usually used to shortcut steps that would otherwise be a pain. Especially if you're trying to sniff an OUT, you need to loop it back to the IN for MIDIOX to see it. You'll also need to loop it for Compu Show to use the MTC.

You can get a 4-way MIDI thru box for around $50. I got one. I can't live without it! I had to take an incoming MIDI signal, send it to MIDI input A for Compu Show, and input B for the video slave software. Worked flawlessly.

MIDIOX works fine with Win7 64 Bit Ultimate.

You might want a MIDISPORT2X2 or larger interface for more MIDI options.

More knowledge and experience is what you need. We all have to start somewhere. Better to ask questions and get answers than be stuck. Thank goodness you're not afraid to ask questions.

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