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My name is Jake and i am the lighting designer for the fall play at my high school. We are currently in the process of building a new theatre that should be opening on Friday. I was in the other day working with an ETC representative on getting trained using the Ion and our multi-paramater instruments. We have three Design Spot 300 pros and three Design Spot 575Bs. When I was getting trained on how to patch these instruments, the ETC representative explained to me that he could not find the profile for our 575Bs. He started to make one on his own, but it was his last day and was unable to complete it. I have no idea how to create a profile and I was wondering if anybody had a profile that I can use with the ETC Eos OS. Thanks for any help that you can provide!

(I am also posting this in the ETC forums)

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Download it here:

Please note the warning in BOLD from a buddy of mine who made this profile for you.
Basically, you just have to merge the DS575 Basic show file (it’s in the main menu under ‘Merge’) and merge ‘Fixtures’. The DS 575 B will be in the Favorites section in Type of the Patch display. Once again, can’t guarantee it will work (worked fine in Offline editor though) and can’t guarantee it won’t cause damage, either to the fixture and/or the console. Use at own risk.

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