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Elation 5R defects and Tips

Heavy strobing :

If the lamp hours are high enough, at some point over 200hrs, it gives a warning and strobes constantly. Eventually won't light unless timer is reset, simply replacing the lamp won’t resolve it because it doesn’t know you replaced it.

Lamp shuts off while running

Check to make sure head FAN isn't defective or intermittent. Problem does not show up with covers off because of radiant cooling (when I have test running anyways).

Whenever it has happened it’s been the box fan, not the conch shell fan.

Effect motors intermittent not working OR DEAD unit

Check wires to motor and sensor, but I have had problems with the capacitors mushrooming/defective on the control board located on the arms.

Capacitors in either arm under the cover could be mushroomed (1000UF/35V),

or on the sub power/control board in the base in front of the power input connector.

The following are in the manual, but might be overlooked:

Lamp shuts off:  hibernation mode

If there's no DMX activity the fixture will sleep unless the timer is turned off,

It looks normal, but no lamp or control, and adjusting the DMX won't wake it up

-Personality -Status settings -Hibernation (set to off)

Lamp timer reset:

Reset after replacing lamp...Otherwise the timer will come up after it hits 2000 hrs, and won't run until it's reset ,and you won't know if it really needed replacing or not, wasting a potentially good lamp.

L(lamp)-Timer Password

Use this function to enter the “Clear Lamp Time” password. Password is “038”


Clear Lamp Time

This function resets the lamp “ON” time to zero. Please reset the lamp “ON” time at every lamp replacement.

  • Select “Clear lamp time” in the system menu.
  • The LCD will display “ON” or “OFF.” Were “ON” will reset the lamp time.
  • Press enter to confirm.
  • Press the Mode/Esc-button to return to the main menu.

For test mode function :

Function, auto program, alone

**Remember, to set the DMX address after to stop it from keeping from re-activating, powering down won't turn the function off, it'll start again after powering on again.

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