In the elation tutorials ...the show designer 2 he is describing and guiding you through its workings. .he has a stage set up and the lights he is programming in another a there software available to achieve this?
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Hi this the monitor part of the software you can download..I have just upgraded to the sd2...from a magic 260...I'm also a bit stuck on how to save the fixture profile once created (magic 260 was NCWFIXetc)and also how to calculate dmx steps in channel attributes the magic 260 did this automatically.....
There are loads of profiles available, check for yours before you make one. There should be a manual for the profile maker somewhere that explains how to use it. If you plan to use the monitor program get the correct cable Startech ICUSB232FTN. This cable can also be used to load in profiles.
I've bought a null modem cable already both ends ported per what the manual says...the one you've mentioned has a usb on one end...does this work different or better??? Looked for manual on the fixture creator..can't find you know of one anywhere Ken. .
hi having trouble saving a fixture profile on pc...I can see it but when I try load it onto a cf card ...and load it onto the says no file saves memory ok as ive tried that cf card then back onto sd2..its asif its a pc error

I'm having difficulty creating a specific chase, using a 6in1 qtx par, I want to go step1 red step2 blue.. And no breaks between the 2 colours. So it just repeats red blue red blue etc.. But .. It is keeping the blue in its memory(snapshot) so I get a pinky light instead of blue.. I've tryd blackout before recording the chase.. Turning the blue channel down after deselect ING the fixtures... Now.. I have done this style chase before . But.. Can't remember the procedure of what to do after the first step of red.. Can you help me on this one please.... Steve

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