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Hi everyone. I am new to DMX programming. I have watched a lot of youtube tutorials and done quite a bit of research, but things aren't meshing very well with my set up. Right now I just have 2 Chauvet Qspot 560 Led lights hooked up wirelessly with a Blizzard lightcaster and 2 blizzard Wicicles. Using Elation emulation cue cable I can gain control over the lights. However when I make a patch and record it into the program. Nothing plays back. the head of the light moves around like i programmed it to, but the beam is not there (or doesn't focus), the right gobo does not come up ect. Can someone help me find out if its my lack of DMX knowldge, the lights, the program, or the wireless that is causing my issues. Thanks

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When you recorded the cue, were all of those functions you listed already made? or did you record the position and then mess with the color gobo and focus?
Things have to be done in a certain order in the program in order for them to save. Let me know the order in which you record cues, and we can help you out further from that point.
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We have the lights set up in a hockey arena, and only want to project on the ice. If i understand your correctly the functions are not already made. I am trying to adjust the position, dimmer, focus, iris ect. Is there a more efficient way to do this? When recording I start with the beam, and adjusted the dimm, iris, and focus. them moved to position and positioned the light, then to color fix to change the color, then to gobo and selected a gobo. Once I got it where i though I wanted it i hit record then play above fader 1.
That sounds ok to me. It should be as easy as selecting the fixture, then opening the shutter and dimmer so you can see light coming from the fixtures, then position it, then adjust color/gobo/focus or whatever then hit Record, then select one of the play buttons above a fader and that stores it as cue one.

If you are doing that and it is not happening, let me know if you are using Mac or windows and what is the version number of the release you have installed.

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