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I've reciently joined the DMX bandwagon with the investment in a Magic260, an ADJ DP-415 for my existing fixtures (some dimming, some motorized), an ADJ Mega Strobe and an ADJ P64LEDuv. As an effort to learn the basics of how the system should function and be programmed, I'm trying to create a simple Show using one fixture to create a pulse effect (bright on and dimming out) for each trigger, (perhaps triggered my tap sync to a bass line).

To set this up, I've tried using both a DP-415 (with fader dip enabled) and P64LEDuv. (Note, I had to make my own config file for this fixture as I can't find one online - perhaps you could send one out). I created a scene that started with intensity of 255 but with a short fade time (Manual Section 16Frowner8) so that the light will fadeout within the single scene.

As it appears that each Show must contain more then one Scene (please confirm), I've created two of the forgoing Scene's to create a two step Show using the identical scene's with a nice short fade time (0.2sec). My expectation would be for the Magic260 to trigger the Show per my tap sync speed and fade out within 0.2 seconds within each scene. This is not happening, as the fade is not visible, resulting in the two Scenes looking identical to each other resulting in a constant intensity. I tried this with both my LED fixture & DP-415 using a par can with the same result.

As an alternative to the forging, I did achieve some success by changing the second Scene above to a black out which resulted in the desired look but on every other beat. One on, One off, however not as desirable. During this test, I was able to achieve a Fade In using a DP415, which was also better but not the Fade Out look I'm desiring.

While I was creating the config file for the P64LEDuv, I noticed a Fade Mode pull down per channel, "Snap Before", "Fade", "Snap After". I'm curious if this is the configuration I need to work with and if you could offer an explanation of these functions. (A help menu or manual would be nice of this sofewre as well). I'm also curious what the Channel Values section is all about and how this can be used. Seems like an alternative to Magic260 programming but am just guessing; Please elaborate.

I also noticed that the default DP-415 configuration file did not work with the black out function. (not using the auxiliary buttons, but addressed as a 4 channel fixture). May I assume this can be corrected by adjusting a black channel & black value function and re-downloading the fixture config?

I'm looking forward to your advise and direction as to how to properly program this show correctly, confirming if Fadetime is what I should be looking at or otherwise.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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