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As a first time noob, there is about little to nothing listed anywhere for getting started. A basic video showing you how to setup a network switch to the Enode 8 Pro and to set IP addresses with how IP addresses work from a computers IP to the Enode 8 IP then to each Enode2s IP would be awesome. I have a complicated system i'm converting over from another brand to the Enode 8 pro. Im running into issues on things that prob seem basic to all the gurus out there. Here goes...

1. Setting up IP's.

My assumptions are as follows -

My Macbook IP , Subnet 

Enode 8 IP, Subnet

Enode 2 (first node) IP, Subnet

Enode 2 (Second node) IP, Subnet

I dont really know what to do with the subnet. Should they all be the same or each device have one last digit different?

2. In my software, I have to select the DMX output yet it lists both the Enode 8 pro and the Enode 2 (nodes) as outputs. Naturally Im assuming to select the Enode 8 Pro since it sends the ArtNet through ethernet to all the other Enode2s. But Im also not really sure since all of that is connected to a netswitch with Poe.

3. Routing Universes from software to individual nodes (Enode2s). I cant find any software for the Elation Enode system so Im assuming the "routing of universes" to particular ports A or B (Enode 2s) are all based on each Enode device settings on each Enode2 including the Enode 8 brain and my lighting software. I know you can tell each Enode 2 node - A, B outs to be inputs instead of outputs on the Enode 2 lcd screen settings. I dont have a reason to do that yet but just pointing that out. 

4. Universe offsetting number thing I keep reading about still doesnt make sense to me. So if Artnet starts with universe 0 and your software starts with Universe 1 then what do I do? Further more what does "Principal" mean in the Enode 8 setup lcd screen. Is that the a "Universe" number? and what does that do? Does it fix the offset for the nodes down the line per say (Enode2s) ???



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