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hi I have an Elation Show Designer 2 and I read in the manual about loading fixture profiles from but I don't see any of the fixtures I have in my show on their list. I have a CF drive and ready to download but need to know where to go to download my specific files. I currently have Chauvet DJ Slim Par 56s, Chauvet Slim Par 64 RGBA, Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 260, Blizzard LB Hex RGBAW+UV LED Wash Light, Chauvet DJ 6spot RGBW, and ADJ Z120 RGBW Led Par. if anybody can tell me where to go for even some of these fixture profiles Id be thankful. I then can add them to my Elation Show Designer 2 console. thanks


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  • Chauvet Slim Par 56
  • Chauvet slim Par 64 RGBA
  • Blizzard LB HexPar RGBAW+UV
  • 6SPOTRGBW-large
  • Chauvet DJ intimidator spot 260
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I understood everything until you mentioned pdf copy of the dmx traits. And which mode they require. When you say mode are you talking about if a light is going to be in 3 channel mode or 7 channel mode for example? Or am I mixed up on that? Thanks dmx traits is that like a copy of what all the channels do in a certain mode?

ok also i bought my SD2 used and it seemed to be ok but i erased the memory hoping to put it back to factory settings and not have a bunch of scenes i didnt program. Hopefully doing this didnt effect software did it?  Or should i update the software version again? thanks also i think i will not go with all the excessive channel modes especially since im kind of new at learning them. i can save that for another time

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