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I'm looking for a fuse.
My vendor didn't seem to know much about this at all, but I tried a working one in one of my faulty dimmers with success so there really is no doubt. I'm not a qualified service person, but I've got it under control.

Are these easy to come by? Where do I get one? I'd prefer a European, or rather, scandinavian supplier.

Thank you!

I couldn't get my photos to work in the thread. See links.
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That's a transformer, not a fuse.

I'd suggest contacting Elation Support or sales to order a replacement part. But before you do that, know what model dimmer pack that is. If if's a DP-DMX20L, you'll need to contact American DJ's Service and/or sales departments and have a credit card ready. There is also European support for ADJ products, so you may want to direct questions to them first. Sorry, I don't have those phone numbers available.

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