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Ok in the middle of show the other night 260 shut off and deleted everything off of controller. All scenes shows fixture profiles, everything. Ok i have Ulink and can restore. Well turn on controller today all I have are white boxes across top row of the LCD. Well f'd around with audio tapsync and black out buttons and somehow got white boxes to go away and memory loaded back on
Howd this happen?
Can this be fixed to prevent a delete again?
Any help would be great need it for a show on saturday
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Well I tested controller all day friday, no problem. Got to show takes another dump first song. Reload after 1st set and made it to second to last song of night. I did notice that the lights would flicker for half a second before it crashed. Also, on the controller master fader and master fade time started just going ape shit and cycling up and down. Then crash nothing was responsive just had to turn off and on and see everything gone.

Will any type of master reboot work?

Thing controller is about year and half old and should not be doing this. Any options before I decide to drop elation products all together?

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