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Hi All,

I've been having some problems with my Magic 260.
1) Somehow every day or so the fixture set up and profiles seem to get corrupted. All of the sudden the fixture name becomes some kind of sideways lettering and I no longer have control of the lamp on that fixture and when the fixture is changed back to the proper profile the patch number is off as well. This seems to happen all of the sudden. I also have been running into the problem where if something is off when I select fixture 3 the LED screen says fixture 13 selected, along with other numbers. Is there something I can do about this? Also, is there a way to lock the fixture set up and patch so that nothing can get changed accidentally?
2) The blackout button doesn't appear to be working properly. If I press blackout either nothing happens or only a few of the lights will be dowsed and others will remain on and mirrors will continue to move. Is there a way that I can get everything to be dowsed and all mirrors to quit their motion using the blackout button?
3)Possibly along the same lines as the blackout button, when I unselect a scene the LED screen tells me that the scene is now off but some lights will remain on and mirrors will continue to move.
4) Is there anyway that I would be able to play multiple scenes at once? I have a stage and a dancefloor and I would like to be able to have a stage wash programmed into one scene and movers programmed into others so that my stage wash can remain and I can have different movements programmed overtop, but obviously the movers would be programmed separately so I didn't have to have the stage wash.
Am I asking too much of the Magic 260? Should I be looking towards a Show Designer 1? Or should I be looking towards Light Jockey for ease of use?


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The first M260 I had constantly lost its fixtures. Elation replaced it. The replacement is much more stable, but I never go to a gig without a lap top with which I can reload the fixtures - and I have to use occasionally.

I don't use the blackout button, so I can't help you fix it. Instead, I use button 23 on each page of Shows as my blackout setting, buttons 21 and 22 as super flashy light shows, and button 24 as a low lever, between song light scene. In this way when we play a song that has a big ending [drum rolls and guitars wailing]; I hit button 21 or 22 during the drum roll and 23 (blackout) at the smash end; and then after a few seconds bring the lights up a little bit for the between song situation.

As to "multiple scenes," why can't you just have dance floor fixtures and stage fixtures and set the fixtures to do what you want. You can have mover and wash fixtures in the same scene.
My first 260 worked great for years, then it was knocked off a table at a club, but it still worked for another 8 months. Then one night at a show it completely erased itself. I tried replacing the battery. Now it just flashes across the screen. So I bought a used one from musician's friend. THIS one has issues with CH1 and CH5 display and won't respond appropriately. There are all kinds of symbols that flash across the screen AND ch 1 blinks and wiggles ... tried the FINE button to see if that was it. NOPE. I can't get it to delete previous info either via holding the delete button . It says it erases it all but info is still there. grrrrrr I need a new one I think ... hard to find. Can I send the first one somewhere for repair (I bought it used as well). I'm sending the one back to Musician's friend. It should have worked out of the box.

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