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Hi All,

I've got a bit of a problem with a profile I put together for a Magic 260 I'm working on. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if I'm just pushing my luck with the limits of the board. I'm attempting to use a profile that I build for a MicrOH Max Par led fixture but what I'm trying is to have 4 of these fixtures set up as a single fixture on the console with independent control. Basically, each lamp is 4 channels dmx so what I've done is create a profile that has 16 channels and addressed the lamps accordingly. Obviously each channel had to be named differently in the Magic 260 software. Now when I assign the profile to a channel the layout for the dmx channels within the fixture become weird. The first 5 channels are in the correct order but then the board puts channel 9 after 5 followed by 13 and then follows these channels with 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 and 16. Am I creating the profile wrong? That the console decides to relocate the order of the channels? I'm trying to set it up simply so that each bank on the four wheels is a single fixture. I was able to set up the profiles for my other fixtures without any problems, so I don't think I'm programming wrong. Please let me know if that is confusing.

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What a cool idea!
My guess if that the M260 has it's own idea of what controls should be where in its viewing screen. In other words the first 5 things you chose to say was being controlled happened to correspond two what the M260 thought ought to be controlled with 1 -5.

Don't know that this will work, but try naming channel 9 to something else and use what you had named channel 9 as the name for channel 6. Then see if the first 6 channels are in the correct order. If so, rename everything until they are all lined up the way you want.
Hi Joel, I was actually able to get it to work after all! As Hobson stated it was a problem with the channel name numbering, so I wrote a few more names in the order I needed and it worked out. Thanks for the offer though! Thanks Hobson!
I do have another question though. Setting the board up this way will work perfect for the club environment. Since I have more fixtures than the board accepts, using my custom profiles will work perfect. However, there's also plans to use it as a concert venue as well. In which case I would be simplifying the system to just the lamps that hit the stage. For easy access and programming for concerts it would be more efficient to have the board set up and patched so that there is a 1:1 fixture channel to fixture ratio rather than coupling fixtures within channels. In this case, is it possible to save the current channel set up and patch and have it so that I can have a completely different set up for concerts on the console?

Hi Joel,

Thanks for the quick response. Currently I have the console set up so that all of my fixtures are patched. I have more than 24 fixtures so I made some profiles for my 4 channel LEDs so that they fit within a single fixture channel on the board. Basically made a 16 channel profile and addressed to suit. This is great for the club venue that it is set up for. However, with the same venue they are hoping to do concerts. In which case, I would have no need for many of the fixtures that are taking up channels on the board. So I would be able to use a standard profile for the LEDs that would allow them to take up a fixture channel each on the board. This would allow me access to all of the LEDs simultaneously rather than scrolling through the attribute banks on the board.

Is it possible for me to save the current configuration for the club onto a computer or within the board somewhere and then set up a second configuration with a different fixture channel set up and dmx patch? If I were to do this I would like to switch between the two set ups rather than have to reprogram everything each time a club night or concert happens.

I hope this makes a little more sense.


That could be it. Would saving the show also save the individual fixture channel's profile and dmx address? So if I had an X-Scan LED Plus in as fixture 12 and addressed at 108 I could save the show and change fixture 12 to a different lamp with a different address, and then load my original X-Scan back in when I load the file back? Obviously that is hypothetical and would need to apply along all fixtures. I did see an option that said load and save fixture set up, I believe?

Great. It's nice when a hunch actually works.

I'm not where my M260 is so I can't double check but my recollection is that there is a "Save Fixtures" and a "Save Memory" memory function using the USB link or Memory Stick. You reload either or both whenever you want.

If my memory is faulty on that, you won't be able to find a "Save Fixture" option. In that case when you do a "Save Memory," the M260 will save both the fixture profiles and the light settings together.

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