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pre purchase question that I can't seem to fid a real answer for. I want to use my midi foot controller to control a SD2cf. I see that a show designer 1 can use program change, but the 2 and 3 do not use that protocol. Exactly HOW do I make that work on a SD2 or do I have to buy a lesser version in the 1 to make it happen?

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@sdman posted:

It would depend on the foot controller and what it can do. The SD2 uses a somewhat non standard MIDI format for calling scenes. It combines the page and scene number into a continuous controller message. Some foot controllers only send MIDI notes which is what the SD1 supports.

i'd be using a RJM mastermind, so I can send what ever I really want to it.. the issue is WHAT to send, there doesn't seem to be any real literature on the subject

In the SD2 instruction manual there is a definition of the MIDI message needed to trigger a scene.

The Show Designer 2 uses MIDI continuous controller messages to send and receive scene changes and blackouts.

The message format for scene changes is as follows:

0Bx pp nn, where x is the MIDI channel (0-f hex, 0-15 dec.), pp is the scene page (0-98 decimal) and nn is the scene number (0-47 decimal).

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