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Hi thanks in advance.. I just received my new Elation Operator, read through the manual,,, but I can seem to get individual control over the 3 lights I have.

I'll give you all the info,

the first fixture is a Mayhah (address 1) uses 2 ch,,, then Fusion FX Bar uses 5ch,,,,,, (address 17) then Galaxian 3D address 33 uses 5 ch

I can get all the lights to come on one at a time when I push the "Scanner" button and push the sliders up for all the function on each light…
Scanner 1 slider 1 turns on the light,, slider 2 changes strobe speed… now I shut scanner 1 off and turn on
Scanner 2 , then slider 1 start the strobe on the Fusion 2,3,4,5 control the other function….

but if I have the Scanner 1 on,,,, the slider affect both fixtures….Scanner 1 and Sacnner 2… at the same time…

what am I doing wrong,
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