I've got a 5R Pro fixture that I finally figured out had an intermittent fan speed issue that was causing the fixture to overheat and burn out lamps after just a couple shows. Replaced the fan and it runs cooler, out of the danger zone.

But still too close to the danger zone, it gets as high as 200F (93C) even though the ambient temperature is low. I feel like I can hear the fan change speeds when the head flips over. Is that a real thing?

The manual says there's a fan control setting (High, Low, Auto) but my fixture doesn't have it. Do I need to enter a code to see it? Or is it for newer (or older) firmware? I have V2.1

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The first thing I would check is if the fan is installed in the correct direction. Having the fan installed incorrectly can cause overheating issues. If you have another fixture that is working properly, I would make sure your fans on the problem unit are installed in the same direction.

Thank you - it's going the right direction for sure. I'm not convinced it's running at full speed. It could be a temperature sensor or something but if I could manually set the fan speed to high (like in the manual) it could solve the problem and/or be a permanent fix at this point.

Have you tried resetting the fixture to default settings?

Personality > Reset Default > ON

If the fixture ask for a passcode, it is 011

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