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i have a problem with eNnode8pro and sACN, hope you can help me out...

We use two eNode8Pro Nodes together with an ETC Gio Lighting Desk and have big problems when we try to connect both using the sACN protocol. We get no connection between them. Art-net works well but we must use the sACN protocol in this Show and i have read in your forum that there is (was?) a problem with this configuration?


thank you in advance an with best regards


stefan mayer

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Actually you're going to need a SNIPER uploader (item # SNI211) to update your ENODE to the most current software. If you're an Elation authorized dealer you can obtain one through your Elation rep. If you purchased your unit through an Elation authorized dealer you would need to contact your dealer to see if they could arrange to have one sent out for you. 

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