I have problem with SD2CF, at the display show 'ROM Emty, Reload Program', i already try to load new program used autoload,i rename the new program to autoload and then i press and hold menu and erase button and press switch power but nothing happend, at display still show 'ROM Empty, Reload program'
any one can help me ? please this is urgent!!!! Thanks
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Thanks for you respont, i loading with CF card, i insert CF card i hold menu and erase botton then i switch on power nothing happend.
the display still 'ROM EMTY, RELOAD PROGRAM'
please help!!!!!
Is this the 1st time the CF Card does not work?
Or was the CF card working before and now it doesn't??
I think you may have the wrong CF cards.
john, i get new 32MB CF card, so hard to find that size. i used 32mb CF card the new one but no respond from the controller, the display still show 'ROM EMPTY,PROGRAM. please help me....
thanks for you kind attention. after i do you instruction the problem still same, no respond from the controller. I also already do instruction from manual book, i press and hold menu and erase bottom and then i on the controller but still no respond. John, should i change the ROM IC ? and buy a new ROM IC from you ? what is you suggested ? thanks
no.. try to renaming the file on the CF card.

Right now the file name is SD2V118.TXT correct?

Rename it to autoload.txt save it to the CF card.
Put the CF card in the SD2 while power is off.
Then turn power on.

Let me know.. If this still is not working for you, please call our support line.

866-245-6726 ext. 593

Best regards,
i already change the name to autoload.txt but still not work. i can not call you support line because i am not very goods in speak english can you give me you support line email or someone in you support line email me ? should i send the main PCB to you ? please .... please help i do not know what to do. thanks
hey sls, cause your on a bogus pc, try and just name the file "autoload". Your PC is likely aready calling the file ".txt". Therefor when you rename the file autoload.txt, your really calling it "autoload.txt.txt".

john, i am from indonesia, my leanguage is "Melayu Speak". my english vocab is little, just for normal speak. if i speak to you guy, so hard for me to understand direclly and replay. it's better we comunication by email if any vocab i am not understand i can open my dictionary. hope you understand. is there any one from elation can help me to solve this problem ? do i have to send the main pcb or buy a new main pcb from elation or buy the ROM IC ?

To colorPal, thanks i already check the file, the extention file is txt not txt.txt.
Hello SLS.

We have a technician here who speaks Melayu.. He is from Indonesia also and knows how to service the Showdesigner 2.

Please contact Gunner directly 323-213-4542 or you can use our toll free number 866-245-6726 ext. 542.

Best hours to call are 8:am - 3pm pacific standard time.

Best regards,

saludos amigo tengo el mismo problema .dmx control 1024 . el visor (pantalla) esta .(ROM EMPTY , RELOAD PROGRAM) lo e hecho como me indica en el libro manual  y  me ha hecho dificil para que vuelve a recuperarlo el software.tenia la aplicacion SD2V118R.txt y le estaba aplicando SD2V119R.txt desde entonce no me lee . en la pantalla me aparese( ROM EMPTY, RELOAD PROGRAM) Y LO E HECHO COMO ME INDICA EN MANUAL.con lujo de detalle con el programa del nuevo software antes de
encender el Show Designer y también deberá dar el nuevo nombre “autoload.txt” al archivo . lo estoy haciendo es con el lector  diskette eso esta en la parte tracera del dmx. en verdad necesito esa ayuda  se le agradese con lo mas que me pueden ayudar gracias.... soy de venezuela barinas. maurociocca23@hotmail.com    es mi correo.


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