I do a lot of show lighting repairs for many clubs in phoenix but I have ran into a ongoing issue that now is occurring in almost all the Rayzor2r fixtures (7 in total)  that ii cant figure out!   Maybe someone on here can? Essentially, they stop striking the lamp.   We have one fixture still left that has no lamp issues and we have been using it to try to come up with a reason why they all have developed this problem.  They are from various venues as well so spikes, surges etc can be ruled out.  We have tried new lamps, we have swapped all the boards from the good fixture to a bad one... one at a time with no luck... Does anyone have some suggestions for this fix.   I need to repair them

There is a small connector on the ballast that looks fragile.   Even  further down this wiring harness from it is a breakaway  connector directly under the neck.  Anyone got some incite to how to fix this please  leave a reply..   thanks   



Adam Manfredi 

Lightwerk Labs

Phoenix, AZ         .

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hi Adam, email me at Gines.Gines at let me know how many total hours the units have.. the ballast comes to mind also if there are too many units on the same circuit this same issue would arise... look forward to hearing from you. 

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