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@billyboy, let me jump in. 

The DP-415 has dip switches based on the binary code standard.  This means that each dip switch is double the value of the one before it.  If you look at the image attached (DP-415 Dip Switch. will see the 10 dip switches and above it the values that each creates.  Switches 1-9 can be combined in any configuration to create a number from 1-512.  This will represent the starting slot (sometimes called an address) of the DMX signal that the pack will respond to.  

Because these are 4 channel units you will want to start them at 1, 5 and 9 respectively so that you have your individual channels.  pack one at 1 would be channels 1-4, then 5-8, and finally 9-12.

As an example, if you needed to set an address of 273 you would want switches 1,5, and 9 up as (1 + 16 + 256 = 273)

One point to remember is that you should take care to note switch 10 and its functionality; as it has different functions in different units.  In the DP-415 it serves to change it from a switch pack (Slider at 1-50% = off and 51-100% - on) or a dimmer pack which acts just like a wall dimmer for house lights.  Please make sure you are using the correct setting, as using a dimmer on something with a motor will burn your motor up.

Let us know if this help or if we missed the question.


Images (4)
  • DP-415 dip switch
  • Dip value 01
  • Dip Value 05
  • Dip Value 09

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