Dear Elation crew, I have a brand new Elation Show Designer which I want to upload some fixtures like Chauvet, Martin, ADJ by using a Null modem cable. I use this cable to upload new firmware for my Nexo amplifiers so I know this cable is working fine. But when I connect the cable (which is USB to Serial) and upload the fixtures profiles with SD Back Up tool, nothing happens on the Show Designer and the PC keeps telling it's uploading... It seems endless!!! What do I do wrong? Is this Elation board requesting different Null modem cable? Why not with USB as upload and save memory?
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Hello SD Man,

At first we bought this console last year and it went back to Elation be course the CFC and the COM ports gave errors..
We have this console back this week and today I went to try again, but maybe the CFC are not working good so I took my Null modem cable and again no results.. Now at least I don't get any errors on the board but still no sign of uploading the files..
I will see if I can get a good CFC to try again with it..but I am a little hopeless..

I will keep you informed!

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