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I loaded the Coemar profiles into the show designer 3 and the channels for my pro spot lx 250's are mixed up. For example, channel 2 in the profile should read fine pan and channel 3 should be tilt. Is there any way I could get one remade or the file on the elation website fixed maybe? I actually bought the show designer 3 partly for its effects engine which I still can't use.
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so now that I have the right profile, the effects engine for the chases still won't work right. basically every one of the shapes just sends the movers in a jerking motion that never fully creates the shape and eventually it will point them all in the air and lock position. changing the x and y parameters helps a little but it never makes an actual pattern.
First, check that the pan and tilt is set correctly by running each fixture with the joystick or the wheel. Another thing to check is the DMX address. It it's off by one you will have this same problem. Once the pan and tilt is working right, adjust the parameters of the motion effect like the scale and position. The center of the effect is controlled by the joystick and the size is set while recording the effect using the menu settings.
Well, let me start by telling you what exactly I'm doing step by step. I select record a shape chase, then select my fixtures. After that I select the parameters and adjust the center. Then I have no other option on the board but to simply save it. Am I missing a step? I had another person tell me I had to actually create the shape myself, even after I select "circle" or "figure 8", but I'm slightly confused about how to finish it out. Hopefully when I get my new platinums in a week I won't have the same problems as the coemars.
You can view the chase as you are editing it by pressing the go switch. That way you can see what you are adjusting. After it is running the way you want it, toggle the fixture switch off so you can save the chase. The SD3 needs to know the location of the pan and tilt channels to make it work so if those aren't right it's not going look right.
The tilt wheel and joystick did not work even though they were actually labeled correctly.


...finally I found out the problem. I went to modify fixture and found that in this menu, the pan/tilt channels were wrong so I changed them and the shape chases work :-) FINALLY!!!!!

What's confusing here though, is that in this same menu I saw that the dimmer and shutter channels were set to "none". When I changed them to the appropriate channels, 6 & 7, the dimmer and shutter wouldn't work anymore even by changing the fixture channels on the flex fader. I couldn't get them to come back on until I changed those back to "none". Anybody explain that one?

Also, what does it mean by black channel in this menu? It's set to "all"

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