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Hello all,

It is a long time ago I was using this kind of light equipment. But fun to play with it again was the idea... so I bought four Briteq BT 60 beam moving heads.

Okay, boring without a controller so I found a Elation Trio1248, was looking nice on the internet but I found out it is not the most forgivable controller

The standard ML profiles are all unknown for me so I attempted to make my own profile for the lights with the Elation creator program.
In the creator I can only save the profile as TFF extension, the controller needs FLIB, otherwise a NULL error when trying to import the file.

Who can tell me how I can solve this problem?

Already thanks!

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Hi, as a small update, it's odd because i see TFF files within the FLIB folder from the library download so.... maybe they just need to be placed into the FLIB folder onto a USB stick, and then it will see it and let you upload it?
I really do not recall ever needing to convert any profiles after creating them using the profile creator...
Hopefully this helps.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

The downloaded library files in the FLIB folder are all having no extension as far as I can see. I see almost no TFF files over there.

By the way, I also downloaded the Strand 200 plus creator, same program it seems but also the same problem...

But, I renamed an existing light profile from the FLIB folder to TFF, opened that one in the creator, adjusted it to my moving head specs, saved it and removed the TFF extension afterwards again. And kind of surprised but it worked and the controller loaded the profile.

I must admit I am pretty newbie again with this stuffs, I believe you can do nice things with this controller but for me it seems now that it is all pretty complicated.
For example my preference would be to have the most channels (gobo, shutter, etc.) from the ML lights assigned to a own fader. Seems that the controller don't like that. Anyway I need to try something more with making programs and see for the results.

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