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Hello- I am new to outdoor set up/outdoor venue elements.  A theatre I work for has done a couple of small outdoor concerts and weather was not a concern.  This weekend the weather is supposed to get up to be around 100-105 degrees Fahrenheit.  I will be needing to set the lights up Friday eve or Saturday morning.  We have zero shade on one side of the stage with my Elation Fuze z120 IP and Sixpar 300 IP lights from about 11am until about 5:30pm.  This puts the lights in the direct sun for about 4 hours.  I will not be operating the lights until about  6:15-6:30pm.  I am just trying to make sure the lights will be ok (since I am new to dealing with weather).  I know it says ambient operation temperature max is 113 F., but does direct sun light impact this and will it hurt the light?  Is there something I can cover the lights with that can help protect them from the heat until I use them?   Sorry if i seem too careful, but its a small theatre with zero budget right now for mistakes.  Thanks for any input!

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Hello, welcome to the forums. 
since you are using our IP rated fixtures that helps a ton as they are designed for outdoor usage, I consulted with a co-worker on this too and we say as long as the optics are aimed at the sun they should be fine, having the sun go through the optics could burn the LEDs inside, so make sure they are not aimed straight up or at any angle into the sky or areas the sun will be. Also try to leave them powered off until they need to be used, that will help with any sort of internal heat damage. Lastly it is important that after they've been baking out in the sun for that many hours, if anyone needs to handle them, they will be hot so any un-gloved touched could burn the person who is grabbing them. Does this make sense? 

Thank you.  This makes me feel better.  The lights are hung high and tilted more down toward stage.  I will avoid using them while I can and while the heat is at its peak.  I know all too well about hot lights.  Many a scar from Source 4 Pars.  Thanks for the information and the input.  Trying to navigate the whole outdoor venue when used to a enclosed environment has been more out of my comfort zone, but a great learning experience.  Loving the lights BTW.


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