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Welcome to the Emulation, DMX control software forum. This forum welcomes all people. The main purpose of this forum is to provide a place for Emulation users and developers to gather, discuss and help each other. Try to keep the focus on Emulation. While we will tolerate some level of non-Emulation content, the focus of this site should be Emulation-related topics. Before posting a topic, please search the forums. Your question or comment may have already been discussed, answered, or resolved. Create a concise subject that adequately summarizes your topic. For example "Request: Cue List Editor help" is much more informative than "Help me with this". Double-posting (or cross-posting) the same post (or similar posts) in different forums will cause confusion and most likely reduce chances or receiving a valid resolution for the topic. Be patient... All the users of this forum are using the forum and participating in discussions on their own time. Help others... This forum is a community, and works best when people share information and assist one another to the best of their abilities. Use coherent English, where possible. While it is understandable that English is not the first language of many of our users, we requests that users try, wherever possible, to use English, such that all other users may be able to understand the discussion. Be constructive... Constructive criticism is welcome, derogatory comments are not.

When reporting a bug, please mention your operating system (eg. mac 10.5 or ubuntu 9.04) and the Emulation version (eg. 1.00 Build 1... It's a great help for us when trying to reproduce and locate an issue.

To request a fixture in this forum, please follow these guidelines:

Topic name:
Manufacturer - Full Product name (e.g. "Elation - Impression RGB")

User Manual or DMX Trait table:
Please supply us with the DMX Trait table, which can usually be found in the User Manual. Please send to or include a working link in your post.

Urgent Request:
If you need the fixture urgent for a job, please mention in the post. That way we can do our best to supply you with the fixture-file in time!

Also, please test the fixture-file on the actual fixture before using it on a live-show or installation!

Thank you!
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