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I have a simple set up, 14 par cans, and a American DJ mega flash strobe. I am learning the software, have made a couble switches to turn on just certain pars using the grouping feature and made a scene as you see it and such. I am trying to create a switch that when you hit it everything goes black except the strobe. I have tried, but if I have lets say a switch on with some of my par cans in one page then, hit the strobe those can's stay on. I tried creating a as you see it now scene in the master as I thought those scenes will override everything else? But I guess not. Help with this would be great, so I am basically looking at creating a scene using both my par cans and my strobe pages, that will override anything that is clicked.

My second question, is there a way to create a "master fader" slider will control all scenes fading speed. Lets say one song I want to go to a scene real fast, but the next song I want to fade real slow into that scene, can I make a master button that depending on where the slider is all scenes will fade that quickly?

Appreciate the help, really been diving into it, seems like I am getting the hold of it.
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jerome i can answer your first question and the second one i will answer later.
To properly make a switch and have it not affect other channels. you need to turn the channels "OFF" ill post a pic.

to do that you simply click on the red on/off square as seen on the left hand side under neath the easy step squares. and once you click on it it will have a bold border around it. now go to the channels you wish to turn off and right click on them in the square section just above the fader after the little window where the values are shown. make sense? this will turn off the channels so that way they are not effected in the switch when you click on it. let me know if this is confusing to you or not. Sincerely,
Yes that does make sense, but my problem is the opposite, I go to the edit button (the button is in the master section, cause I want it to control 2 pages, my pars and my strobe), the button shows all the par cans are off, like you show in your screen shot, which is what I want, and the strobe is on. This is exactly what I want. BUT, if I have a switch clicked on the Par can page, lets say with just two par cans on, then click this (what I want to be) a blackout with just strobe, the par cans are still on. So I want this scene to override any switches that are on. Make sense?

Thanks for your help
You want to select LTP with auto release clicked, under the priority settings for that switch. You can access this by going to settings, then priority. If this does not work, go to controller at the top of Compu and select starting parameters. From there go to options and then pages priority. Set it to LTP mode.

On your 2nd question. Open the virtual controller by going to windows at the top of the page, and then to console. When the console opens, right click on the fader or knob you want to control the speed of the fade. When the window pops up click on the white page button. When the box pops up, select page, then "enable/disable the fade function". Click selected page, and Level1>v>2level under type of action. When the fader/knob is at the bottom, your fade function will be off and your scenes will switch quickly back and forth. When you have the fader up, the scenes will fade.

You can also buy the external Behringer Mider Controller and have an actual board to use.
Checked my settings, unfortunetly, thats the way they are currently set. So I tried again, turned on some par cans under the par can scene, and then turned on my strobe in the master section, and the pars stay on.

Just to get this straight, What I did was turned off all pars in there respective page, went to the strobe page turned it on, so it is the only thing going. Then I click on the master section to make a new scene with just that. So I click as it looks now, it shows in the box the Strobes, doesnt show any pars, maybe this is the problem? Should they be checked in the box also, which would signify they are controlled by that scene button?

Even if I have the strobe running in its own page, and go to click this scene I am trying to make, unless the strobe page is on INIT then it wont overide what buttons are clicked in the strobe section.

Make sense? Really appreciate your help in this, if I can get this figured out will make my life alot easier!
Make sure your par cans are in the Master page. You'll see a yellow crown in the check boxes to the right of the page if they are in the master.

Then, you want the DMX channels for the pars ON in the edit window, but the sliders all the way down. If the pars are OFF in the edit window, then it is telling that switch not to change the DMX value. If they are ON, but set to 0, then it's telling them to set that value to 0.

I'm also pretty new here... so I could be totally wrong.


1. Make sure they are in the Master by checking for the crown.

2. Edit the switch and turn the DMX channels for your pars ON, but move the sliders down to 0.

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