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I'm going to apologize in advance for my ignorance, as I'm sure what I'm asking about is a fairly rudimentary problem, but I'm having trouble connecting my pixel driver 4000 to my Chamsys MQ 40 light board. Both the board and the driver are connected to the same network switch, but I don't quite know enough IT to be sure what I should do next to be able to control my pixel bars from the Chamsys. If anybody has any tips on how to ensure these two devices are talking to each other, I'd appreciate any help you're willing to give me. 

Also, if I haven't posted this in the right forum, someone please let me know where they think it'd fit better and I'll move it. 


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Hey @Drake,

Your best bet would be try to add something that is Capable of Pinging within the network.

You can then Ping each IP address to see if there is communication.

Please make sure that the IP address of the Pixel Driver and the Controller are in the same range.

If you have a PC, DMX Workshop is a great tool to have.

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