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I'm going to be starting a programming job next week.  One of the devices the PM wants me to be able to control with the Extron IPCP Pro 555 control processor is an Elation NXT100.  The Extron CP can control devices through ethernet, RS-232, IR, and relay ports.  I don't see any of those on the NXT100.

However, I do see the computer specs for the NXT100 say this:

10/100 Ethernet port for Art-Net DMX output
100/1000 Ethernet port for X-Net, Remote operation and sACN

If Extron can write a driver for the NXT100, could I control it via ethernet using one of the protocols /software listed above?

Alternatively, could I use an ethernet-to-DMX adapter like the ENTTEC DIN Ethergate?

ENTTEC’s pioneering DMX-over-Ethernet solutions can convert Ethernet protocols to DMX, as well as the other way around. Smart, powerful and extremely flexible, these products are easy to connect and feature web-based configurations to control your lights remotely.
Our converters not only feature robust build quality, but they also support multiple protocols such as Art-Net, sACN, and KiNet, to give a high refresh rate to all connected fixtures.

I know very little about DMX, and would appreciate any help, particularly from anyone who has interfaced the NXT100 to an Extron control system.

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