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Hello, I've been able to make my own fixture profiles, it's actually quite simple using the manual for each fixture you need a profile for. My question is regarding the default fixture set in the Magic260 and adding new fixtures. I wiped out all of the default fixtures by loading my own fixture file, or at least that's what I assume did it. My assumption was I would be adding to the existing profiles rather than wiping them all and only ending up with the default 4 in the editor plus the new ones I created and loaded but that was not the case, did I do something wrong? Also, would it be possible to get the default file so I can re-load all of the defaults that come from the factory?

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I'm not certain what you are saying, but the Magic 260 has only 4 default fixtures (4,6,8,16channels). If you bought it new, the Magic 260 should not have had any other "default fixtures" loaded into it (or at least mine didn't).

If after you loaded the fixture profiles you created the Magic 260 had "the default 4 in the editor plus the new ones I created," then that is exactly what should have happened.

I see what you are talking about in the manual. I sure don't think that library was in my M260 when it arrived. Having to scroll through scores of fixtures to find the fixture I wanted would have been a pain I don't think I would have forgotten.

If it is the case that a library of profiles are pre-installed, a warning in the manual that all those profiles will be lost forever if you don't save them from the M260 would have been nice. [There is no download of all those profiles from the website. Heck you can't even download the profiles you need from the website.]

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