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I searched through the forums and did not see a similar post so hope this is not a repeat.

I have 2 DS250's which I bought about 2 years ago. I have only used them about 20 times, at about 4-5 hours each time so they have very little run time, yet they both have a separate issue.

Fixture 1-
The fixture was last used on 5/9/09 (yesterday) with no problems. On 5/10/09 (today) I turned onto check which of the 2 fixtures had a custom gobo, and during the initial setup when it was first plugged in, the head started to vibrate when going through the tilt test along with a slight clicking noise. When complete, the fixture was stuck at the initial tilt point and would not move. When I tried to control the tilt from my DMX operator 192, there is a loud clicking sound and the whole fixture is vibrating so it seems like something is trying to move inside but its being blocked somehow. I tried the fixture as stand alone and it is having the same issue trying to run through its preset programs. When the fixture is not plugged in and powered up, the tilt moves back and forth just fine. Any ideas what it could be?

Fixture 2- The static gobo wheel continuously rotates and does not respond to the DMX controller. Even when I run my custom programs, the static wheel continues to spin and override whichever scenes I have already set. Once again, any ideas on what it could be?

Just as a note, I reset both fixtures from the menu options without having any dmx signal coming in and the problems on both are still there.

I live in the socal area and can bring the fixtures into the Elation Service Center if need be. I rather not make a trip out there if there is something I can do over the phone.

Any help is appreciated.

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