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I've been having some issues with the blue 1024ec dongle (SIUDI 5A).

Compu Live and Stand Alone are recognizing the dongle as 2048, instead of 1024EC.

Due to this issue, I cant control the first Platinum 5R I have setup, the second Platinum 5R in the chain works perfectly though...

I have a second 1024ec (Siudi 5C) dongle which works fine on the same setup...

I also found this issue to be discussed previously on the forums but the solution posted here did not work for me, nor did it work for the one who posted the same issue on the other discussion...

Heres a link to the same problem, different guy posting it some time ago:


Hope you can help!

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UPDATE: Aside from the dongle recognition issue, I just manage to do some trouble shooting...

Dongle 1024EC (SIUDI 5C):
Platinum 5R w/ Software version 1.1 works fine
Platinum 5R w/ Software version 1.0 works fine

Dongle 1024EC (SIUDI 5A, recognized 2048EC):
Platinum 5R w/ Software version 1.1 DOES NOT GET SIGNAL COMMANDS
Platinum 5R w/ Software version 1.0 works fine

Might the version 1.1 for platinum spot 5R be the problem??
Originally posted by service g:
You may actually have an issue with the light itself.
Is the display on the none responsive unit solid or blinking?
If it is blinking them Youar have a bad DMX driver on the unit.

Well issue or no issue, the dongle is still incorrectly recognized by the software...

The light does blink however, once I start adding components to the chain like an LED, the blinking light on the light with v1.1 stops blinking and just stays solid...
Is there a way to install v1.0 on this light?
I read I need an extra device. I do live in Studio City, LA though so if theres a place where both the light and the dongle could be checked out than awesome, Ill take em!
Originally posted by norona55:
can you take a picture of the dongle that only controls one of your units and send it to me? i need the serial number of it as well.

send to:

The serial number on the side sticker is: 1108222 and the serial number attached to the board inside the dongle is: 293751914 SIUDI 5A.

Just sent you the pics, thanx!
its not going to be a problem with the lights. it might be the dongle. but it makes no sense that only one light will respond and the other one doesn't. the software is designed to ether work or not work. it wont chose what lights it wants to work and what lights it doesn't. you can bring in the lights to us but here for evaluation. where did you buy the dongle?

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