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Good afternoon, Elation Folks!

Some guy in Denver has 12 Elation ELED QA's with cases for sale, but I can't find any info about them on the web.  All of the retail sites just say "discontinued" but don't list the original retail price or when they were current.

I own a brand new production company out here on the Prairie, with a brand new JBL 900 line array system.  We considering adding lighting to our product lineup next year.

Should I drop back to older products like the Elation ELED QA or should I stick with decent used newer stuff like the Six Bar 1000?


Robert Conner

Sound Decisions
Omaha, Nebraska 68114


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I'd lean towards newer stuff like the Six Bar 1000 if your budget allows. Tech moves fast, and having the latest gear might give your company a more modern edge. Plus, maintenance is usually easier with newer models. But if the ELED QA fits your needs and the price is right, it could still be a solid choice.

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