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I have installed the TRIO-1248 console with the ELED PAR RGB ZOOM fixtures and cannot seem to find the right profiles to operate the fixtures. I downloaded the Trio Software V1.218 & Fixture profiles but the Console did not recognize the the fixtures. When I look for the individual profiles I do not see anything for the ELED PAR RGB ZOOM.
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I just downloaded and checked the latest stuff, and it doesn't appear that what you are looking for is in there.

The ELED RGB Zooms are relatively new fixtures, or so I believe. It may be more productive to turn this into a formal profile request. I think that should get resolve.

There appears to be a profile creator. That might be a good excuse for you to learn to use the profile creator. I always find that to be a handy skill to learn the accessory software that goes with my hardware(when and if applicable).
Originally posted by Brievis:

I have trio 1248 too, and having troubles for getting a simple 1ch dimpack started.

also the fix profiles i created for a briteq bt36L1 don't work.

can you help me?

The simple dimpack is working, just need the fixture profiles for the JB Systems Poseidon, Solar White & the Britecq BT36L1.


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