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I'm running CompuLive 06. I currently have chase switches (Step 1 = Red, Step 2 = Blue, Step 3 = Green, etc.) set up using Easy Time. In the Easy Time editor I have linked the appropriate channels to BPM, as explained to me by John Lopez in a previous post a while back. This allows me to control the chase rate via the Audio Analysis interface using "Analysis", "Manual", or "Learning". I want to take it one step further now...

Is there any way to allow an external MIDI device to control the tempo? It would be a lot like the "Learning" option, but instead of pressing "F5", you would have an external MIDI trigger that could be attached to a snare drum for example.

Is this possible? If so, how do I configure the software to make this work?

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Hi Matchless.

A function you will need to play with is the "MIDI" rack option.

You will see when you open your easy time editor the last tab option is for MIDI.

In this MIDI tab you will find a record function that will attache some sore of Midi sequence to DMX channels.

However I don't think that you can attach MIDI to a chase to learn.

I believe if you are using par cans, this function will work great.
however for moving light scenes, this may not be possible.
Yes, I am only trying to use this function with PAR cans, not intelligent lighting. The reason this came up in the first place is b/c I am having a really difficult time syncing up the BPM with the hits in the song.

For example, in the Audio Analysis interface I select the "Learning" option. Then as I am listening to the music, I tap the F5 button 4 times in sync with the snare drum. When I'm done, I notice that the lights are stepping to the correct BPM, but it's like they lag the snare the whole sequence is offset. Does that make sense? I want the "Learn" function to not only learn the BPM I'm tapping, but also the start point. Is this possible?

I really don't know. I don't even own a MIDI input device right now. Ultimately, what I would like to have is some sort of trigger (MIDI or other) that I could attach to a snare drum. Then have the program configured so that the steps of the chase change exactly on the beat of the snare. Does that make sense?

If that's not possible, I just need a way to manually sync the steps of the chase to the snare hits...ya know, to the beat of the song, like it should be.

Matchless.. see if you can wrap your head around this.

1. create scenes or switches with 1 color each

2. create cycle with each of the colors

3. change the time for each scene/switch to GO inside the cycle

4. now when you click PAGE-DOWN on your keyboard, you control the timing of the cycle

5. to assign this PAGE-DOWN control to MIDI, open the CONSOLE window

6. right-click on the MIDI controller button that you want to use (any button will work)

7. you will see a blank area with 4 icons to its right… click on the white page icon above the red cross

8. select CYCLE from the pull-down menu, then GO TO THE NEXT BUTTON

9. change TYPE OF ACTION from ON/OFF to V>LEVEL, with V1=50

10. click OK

This should allow the Console button to control the NEXT scene/switch within the cycle.

To assign a particular MIDI command to that specific Console button, simply:

11. right-click again on the same button in the Console window

12. make sure the AUTO SETUP MIDI option is selected close to the top of the window

13. send the desired MIDI command to your computer… the Compu software will detect it, assign it, and close the window automatically.

If this does not work, you can test the Compu MIDI input from:


15. you will see a blank space… if the Compu software is receiving any MIDI, its details will be displayed here.
Thanks so much for these directions! I followed everything to the "T", then I bought the Alesis Trigger I/O unit to send MIDI commands from the Direct Out of the snare channel on the mixer to my laptop. It works beautifully w/ very minimal setup or additional cost.

Sorry for the incredibly delayed response, but things have been kinda crazy down here in Louisiana lately.

Thanks again,

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