Just picked up a Show Designer 2 recently and now I need a number of profiles. The most pressing are:

Chauvet DJ:

 Colorband H9

Colorrail IRC

Geyser P6

Hurricane 1800 Flex

Intimidator Spot LED 150

Intimidator Wash Zoom 450

SlimPar H6

And from Blizzard the Snake Eyes Mini

While I have a number of other fixtures I will need profiles for these are the ones that I will need right away for an upcoming project.

Thanks in advance,


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If you have a computer. ..you can make these yourself after downloading the fixture)/profile maker... It's easy after a few mins.. 

Contact service, there is a master library that might have some of these. James with service is in charge of new profiles and can make any that you need if you can give him a few days.

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