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Dear Sirs,

I bought a new Trio 1248 these days because it sounded very intersting for
me to play with it. It will be delivered tomorrow so I tried to start over
making the fixture profiles for the unit. I own LED Fixtures and DMX FXes
from Eurolite and Futurelight, but they are not in the software's list. So
I thought to make them by myself, because I am quite experienced in these
things while using DMX software.

Unfortunately the Editor dosnt work quite well:

1. I get repeatedly "Runtime Error" with crashing the software. YOu never
know WHEN it will happen, but sure it WILL.
2. Cannot open the profile files, most of the data in the /flib folder do
not have any extension.
3. I tried to rename the files to xxx.tff and could open a few of them.
But mot of the files are abolutely empty.
4. There is no manual for the software: I urgently need a description of
the arguments. What does "type", "value", "ch6bit" mean and so on.
5. There is no manual for the flash converter, how do I use it. How to
patch the LEDs to show the "film"?

Enough for today, more to come later.

Would be nice to get some support.

Sry for my poor english, hope I could describe the issues quite well and



empty file of an Elation fixture:

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Hello Henry, welcome to the forums. I have made a few trio profiles. Let me try to clear up some of your issues.
I am not sure about the crashing but I will check it out.
In your picture there is a ADJ1 Fixture info.txt
if you open it up it will tell you what the fixtures are for the code that is shown as the file name in the folder. Part of the reason for this is because the console will reject any profile with a name longer than 6 or 7 characters. If you try to load a profile with a long name the console will crash.
Let me try to find a good description of what the types are and what they mean and I will post it for you.
Hey James and thx for trying to solve the problem.

Maybe I didnt describe it quite clear enough.

The pic on the top and on the left shows the #2 issue (cannot open fixture files for editing, because you gave them no extension. And the profile editor DEMANDS the tff extension to recognize a file a a profile file.) Once I rename the given files from "BLABLA78" without extension to "BLABLA78.tff" the editor will read and open it.

But (coming to #1 issue) if the fixture file (for ex. FLIB\Elation1\EL12LTB1 what I show in the lower picture) is an empty one the software will crash or stuck.

Hey,Henry. Yes the TRIO is a VERY sensitive console as far as what profile it accepts and does not accept. Unfortunately most of our extremely knowledgeable staff on this product is at the NAMM trade show this week. So I will do my best to try to figure some of these out for you. Did you download all the profiles from the 1248 web page? I know I have the profile creator for the 2496. I am unaware of any difference between the two profile creator software's.
Hi James,

oooh its past midnight over there I gues and you're still doing a good job. Thx 4 answering my posting.

I will give the 2496 editor a try, maybe it'll be less "bitchy" Wink

The Desk will arrive this day so I will see and feel it working. Maybe all the questions will be gone with the wind after making it less theoretical.

You must know that I always go deep into the manuals before deciding to purchase ANY technical item. I am a musician (keyboards and guitars), as well as the light and video programmer of my band. Preparing everything and training the technical persons to get exactly what I want as an artist to visually support my show. We use to work with Arkaos GrandVJ for a backdrop projection of all the stage (8x4 meters) and combine the VJ stuff with a bunch of theatre lights and color changers, LED colored walls and wanted to expand with some MHs to get a bit more "move".

However, I appreciate your support a lot and like have the discussion to go on. Maybe once I am more experienced with the trio I can give some tricks and hints to the forum members.


Yes it is WELL over midnight in my area. 3:45 AM precisely. But I'm a night owl. Yes please keep me updated after you have played around with your new console and the 2496 software. I look forward and appreciate anything you can contribute to the forums. I will still try to find you some answers though. However it could be sometime next week at the latest.
(I'm mainly a software support tech)
Aaaargh, same shit with the 4896 files.

the editor seems to be the same as the one for the small trio. the fixture files also DO NOT have a file extension.

Example: Try to open the "AB_XP1M1" from the "Abstract" folder in the library with the. It won't work. The only way to get it opened is to rename it to AB_XP1M1.tff

Example2: Go into the "Elation1" folder and try to open the ELAWV250 = "Active Wave 250". That wont work because it isnt shown in the editor. Once you reneme it with the tff extension it will show up in the open dialog of the editor but will crash the software. Looking into it with a text editor (i.e. lister of Total Commander) it will show there is no content, absolutely empty.

Cheers, Henry
Hello James,

at the beginning and again: thx a lot for supporting me.

at the end: the TRIO desk dont work for me. seems to be beta state allover. tried ten hours to get it running. I am not a newbie in the dmx world, did it with freestyler, dmxis, and several hardware during the last ten years.

I will return it to the dealer who promised a 100 per cent refund.



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