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Greetings all,

I have been struggling with trouble shooting an issue.

The system is made up of Enodes, optos, multiple runs and universes, with moving head fixtures and static lighting.

98% sure this all boils down to the KL6's on this system.

the issue is flashing(loss of DMX) happens about every 45 minutes and all the fixture on the chain would either flash or react.  The chain in question(originally) is a Downstage bar made up of 10 KL6's, 10 WW profile's, and 2 Satura Profiles. Using a Vista S3.

Prior to updating the Firmware on the KL6's about every 45 minutes the whole chain would flash and the movers would move(as if they momentary lost DMX). I updated the firmware from vr 1.07 to 1.10 and the flash stopped effecting the whole chain of fixtures.  After updating the fixtures the first fixture on the chain would turn off(also a KL6). so I bypassed that fixture and the next KL6 on the chain flashed. I then bypassed that fixture and the rest of the chain seemed to hold stable. I tried to plug #1 KL in (leaving the 2nd KL out) and the flashing for the 1st fixture came back.  So I ended up leaving both KL's out.

My first assumption would tell me that these two fixtures on that chain possibly have bad DMX chips in them.  

Now, after watching these fixtures I noticed on the mid stage pipe(different universe) a fuse wash and jittered like it had the same issue.  The only relation this pipe has with the downstage pipe is the KL6's.  I didn't get a chance to update those fixtures firmware yet.

hoping to trouble shoot that pipe the same way....

has anyone else experienced this?  

Maybe a bad batch of KL's from the factory?

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