Don´t forget LightJockey...
LightJockey is the best DMX control software for Clubs and TimeCoded Shows i have used.
And there is no alternative. All other DMX control software have the base layout like a Light console for Live use. LightJockey is different. I use LightJockey for the CueList, where i easily can program lights to video or audio tracks. LightJockey deserves future updates, a Mac version, unlock the stupid 100 fixture limit, change the preset limit from 100 to more, Change the Cue Limit from 10000 to unlimited, update to MediaPlayer so the controls can be on another monitor or make it run with VLC player. If not, Elation should sell of LightJockey to somebody that want to take I further. Make a LightJockey 3, that is not backward compatible, where you can buy hardware, software, offline visualiser in one nice online store. I think there is money to be made...

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agreed, and please add this on next update;

  • - More sequence in one cue
  • - More statics slots
  • - More function at keyboard shortcut

Basically I'm a keyboard mouse user and very often to followspoting with mouse. Touch panel isn't helpful without touch screen.

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