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I am trying to figure out how to control the Magic 260 controller via MIDI.

I searched the manual and on page 11 it says that "When connected to a MIDI sequencer, keyboard, or any other type of midi signal generating device, scenes, shows and the blackout function can b accessed remotely"

However, the only other documentation is a chart on the the last page, page 34. It gives values, which I assume are MIDI program change messages, that supposedly call up scenes and shows if sent on the various MIDI channels. This does not seem to work, however. Also, there is no indication of how the blackout function can be accessed remotely.

Meanwhile, on the controller, under menu, there is an option to set the MIDI channel. You can set the MIDI channel to any value 1-16. There is also another option named Extra Channel, which can be set to values 00 - 09.

I am a pretty smart programmer and I understand MIDI extremely well, and this makes no sense. If the Magic 260 takes messages on all 16 channels, why is there a need to set the MIDI channel, and what is the "Extra Channel?"

Can anyone explain how MIDI works on the Magic 260, or is there a technical document that I can find that has this information? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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