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1. My controller works with firmware version 1.02m. Is this the newest version?

2. All preset movements run too fast, so my moving heads can't follow. To increase fade time doesn't slow down the movements. The dmx values for pan/tilt channels still change too fast. Any help?

3. I'm not able to load up a new fixture file with the magic 260 software. After creating a new mff, i can't add it to the wcn list (format error message). The only way is to modify the standard NCWFIX.mff .
Fixture Edit doesn't work properly, too. In channel information section i can't type in the channel name, after a few tries i get a "run-time error 381: invalid property array index". After this message, the programme closes (windoof xp).
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1. 1.02 is currently the latest version.

2. When using a preset, the fixture profile must match the fixture. What fixture are you controlling?

3. You'll need to initialize the channel names. When opening the Magic 260 uploader program, close the Ulink Ver 1.08 window. Go to show forms (located on the top left corner) and select EditChName. Select Init and save. The Channel names will now appear when creating a profile.

Please call me if you continue to have any problems
Sergio C. 323-582-2650 ext.149

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