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I am looking to install Fuze Pendent lights for one of the projects. I need to know how is power connections can be done for multiple lights mounted in ceiling?

Can I do loop in loop out connections or each Pendent needs to be connected with individual power connections?

Can you please help with proper connectivity between multiple lights.

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As per the below there are 2 power supply Internal and External?

Can you please advice how does that work?

How the connectivity gets connected to make sure all the PD lights are connected and we get them working? My question is that do we need External Power or we can use Internal Power?

If we can use Internal Power how will it work and what will be connectivity?



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Well can you please provide both methods as we would need to work with electrical contractor.

As of now I don't have any information. I am new to this and would need your help to guidance as of in typical scenario how can we do the connection?

Once you share this info I can get back to my electrical contractor and provide him our options and ask him to choose how they want to go with same.


where are you located? also  on page 10 the general power connections are outlined.  this should be sufficent information for the electrician. between this information and current load, the electrician should be able to calculate how many outlets  etc would be needed based on your particular needs/ also local building codes as well.

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